October 7th - Age of Steam

One of our favorites, Age of Steam. It was a first for me, the first time I'd played on the same map more than once. It was also the first time that Matt had played it, so he had a lot to learn (you could see his head throbbing at one point!).

Richard 106, Garry 91, Matt 77, Steve 41

Richards Report:
Interesting game last night...

As Garry implies I think Matt, as most people do this first time they play, found the game a bit of brain burner - though I am sure he we will do better next time - he had by half way through the game realised the importance of increasing his train size!!

Steve on the other hand had a bit of a nightmare of game - basically we had a turn when we both realised that control of urbanising the blue city was essential - as it could be used to block out our long distance routes - though I only realised halfway through the bidding process that I could place it to block Steve's routes - rather than just prevent it being used to block my own route!!

Basically we bid until we ran out of cash - unfortunately for Steve I had more money - and he had to be content with taking first build in order to redirect his 'Stubs' and therefore not have his route blocked by the urbanisation ...

... unfortunately Steve had forgotten that he didn't have any money left to build/redirect his track - which in turn meant that he lost control of the stubs - DOH!!

And just to rub salt in his wounds as I was building next I picked up control of his now un-owned stubs by connecting them together - I don't think I have seen anyone's position take such a drastic turn for the worse because of a single mistake in a game of Age of Steam before!!

Because I had being paying most attention to track building and urbanisation conflict that had been going on between Steve and myself I hadn't really been paying much attention to Garry (With whom I did not have much track/cube conflict with) - so I did come as little bit of a shock when he suddenly said 'And I'll deliver this cube for Six!' - What!- Hey! - How!! - were the thoughts that went through my mind as it hadn't even registered with me that he had expanded his train to a 6!!

With Garry shipping for 6 and myself for 5 he managed to close the gap in the income track over the final few turns - basically at the end of the game we were on the game space!!

Fortunately I had issued 2 fewer shares and had built more track (Mostly thanks to picking up Steve's uncontrolled stubs) - so I did come out the winner!!

What I can't believe is that I don't think that we haven't play Age if Steam for almost a year - it is just such a good game - and is just something that I can just never imagine refusing too play!!

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