October 18th - Saturday at Garry's

There were 5 of us for a full day of games. We started with a couple of games of 6 Nimmt to get warmed up, arrgh! maths first thing on a Saturday morning!

Richard 0, Neil 6, Steve 7, Garry 28, Aga 32
Aga 7, Neil 10, Garry 10, Richard 12, Steve 22

Then the first meaty game of the day, Age of Steam of the basic map with 2 first time players (Neil and Aga). Theis is a hard game to play well the first time out, but they didn't play too bad (lots of brain hurts tho')

Steve 80, Richard 74, Garry 51, Neil 28, Aga 25

After a bite to eat time for one more game, Pillars of the Earth with the 5/6 player expansion. I've only played this once before and really enjoyed it - must play it more.

Richard 52, Neil 49, Steve, 48, Aga 45, Garry 43

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