17 Dec - Snowdonia, Vegas & Love letter

We started with a game of Snowdonia which really whipped along with the white cubes doing a lot of building, we were finished before 9 o'clock - unheard of! I'd failed to get any sort of building done and misread my contract cards so I was glad that the pain was short lived - next time tho' ...

Paul 80, Steve 68, Garry 50

Next we had a go at Las Vegas, this is a light fun dice rolling game - perfect for xmas with the family. As I won this game I would describe it as a highly stategic area control game with lots of paths to victory, second only in its depth and complexity to the peerless Botswana.

Garry $650,000 Paul $540,000 Steve $460,000

Still with time in hand we had a crack at Love Letter. I was reading the rules just as Sally walked through from the front room "...you are one of these suitors, trying to get your love letter to the princess..." god knows what she was thinking under that snigger. It's a brilliant little filler tho', not much to do but great fun.

Steve 5, Garry 1, Paul 1

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