21st Feb - Navegador

First up was Navegador, a 'rondel' game that I bought at Essen in 2010. Really good game, lots of ways to win and very little down time. Richard won by colonising anything that stood still long enough.

Richard 106, Garry 92, Steve 82

We had some time left so decided to play the brain burning trick taking card game Flaschentufel (or Bottle Imp in English). I only manage to get the hang of this game by the time we finish playing, but at least I managed a joint win (yay!).

Garry 66, Steve 66, Richard 22

It was a shame that Matt wasn't here this week as I'm sure he would have really enjoyed himself.

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mattgreen said...

The interminable down time of a rondel game followed by the mind-bending mobius loop rollercoaster of Bottle Imp. And I missed it.

To be fair, I found Navegador better than most rondel games (....) and bottle imp is fine as long as I mentally run through a 5 point rules check, out loud, before I make a play.

Other than that- no issues really.