5th April - Agricola

I'm still off sick and Matt was away and Ben was working, so only Steve and Richard, here's Richards report:

I decided we should play 2 player Agriocola using the Interactive deck.

It's been a while since I played 2 player Agricola - and I think it was the first time Steve had played it.

2 Player plays very well - as it allows you to pay more attention to your opponent and predict what he will do - Which at times is nigh well impossible with higher player numbers!!

Anyway I came out on top - mainly due to my Lasso which allowed me to take two actions in a row if one of the actions involves taking animals - the killer action being when I took build fireplace and immediately took 4 sheep and cooked them - something that Steve thought I wouldn't do as I had nowhere to store the sheep.

Final score was as follows.

Richard 37, Steve 29

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