Back from Essen

I got back from Essen last night with a suitcase bulging with new games. There were so many new 'must haves' this year that I still have a large list of games I want. Hopefully most of the others will have been bought by my friends, so between us I think we'll have most of the big games covered.

In the photo:
Power Grid Factory Manager
Power Grid - Spain/Brazil in expansion box
Agricola Expansion
Vasco da Gama
Boomtown (€2.95! a bargain)
Carson City
100 wooden trains (to pimp my Age of Steam)
Chicago Express expansion
Power $truggle
Seeräuber (another bargain at €5)
Last Train to Wensleydale
Ted Alspach's AoS/Steam maps
Agricola resource meeples
Keltis the card game

I also preordered Steam Barons which should be delivered soon

That should keep me going for a while.

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mattgreen said...

First Essen trip for me and I loved it. I got the following after an almost inevitable queue at teh cash point....

The Agricola Expansion: Farmers of the Moors
Emerald (€5, by Rudiger Dorn- give it a go)
Penguine (Hey that's my Fish) Deluxe
Tier auf Teir (Animal on Animal, a wooden piece stacking game- really good fun for family or late evening after drinking)
Relikt (€3 Rudiger Dorn again)
Gargon (€4 Dorn, again)
Fruit Bandits
Mow! - A cow-based card game

and a load of cheap Vampire: The Eternal Struggle CCG cards to feed my habit.