25th August - La Citta

One of Richards old games (2000) this week, La Citta. It's a city building, feed the people game but is fairly abstract.

Matt 31, Richard 30, Steve 27, Garry 23

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Tonksey said...

Hi Garry,

I really liked my one & only play of this back in April - I went up to Edinburgh to see my best gaming buddy & he was keen to get this played as he had just received it in a trade.

We were totally engrossed in the game, which was overhanging the tiny table, and just as well approached the climax in the penultimate turn, Jason reached to take a card or something... but ended up flipped one half of the board up in the air! Needless to say that everything was scattered everywhere & we kind of looked at each other in disbelief before totally laughing our nuts off :) !

Great game though - need to play it all the way through though!