4th Nov - TTR Nordic and 'The Catapult'

Richards choice tonight and a couple of new Essen purchases. The first was Ticket to Ride: Nordic countries. This is a new map for the great Ticket to Ride series of games that plays only 3 players, there are a few rule changes from the basic set but not much. We'd not played TTR for a while and had forgotten what a great game it is.

Richard 120, Steve 88, Garry 75

We finished with time for something else so decided to have a go at Carcassonne - The Catapult. This is yet another expansion for Carcassonne but adds a level of frivolity by allowing you to flick cardboard counters at the board.


At first I thought the whole idea was an expansion too far, however we all had a great laugh and the catapult makes a realy nice cartoon boing sound.

Garry 74, Steve 67, Richard 74

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