9th September - 5 player Agricola

Another game of Agricola, this time with 5 players. You probably know all about Agricola by now so I won't go into anymore details about how it works. This was the first time I'd played with 5 players and the first thing I noticed was how difficult it was to get the resources you wanted as there was so much demand for them. In fact at the beginning of the game I don't think I saw anything stay on the board until the next round.

The game was noticeable for two things, first Aga managed to fill all the spaces on her farm, despite resources being hard to acquire. But strangest of all was Steve's winning farm, he ended the game with 8 stone huts, 5 family members, a sheep, a boar and a stable. Due to the cards he had which enabled him to build huts cheaply he just focused on that. Despite all the minus point for missing items it was still a decisive victory.

Steve's 8 stone hut farm

Steve 35, Richard 32, Aga 31, Garry 30, Neil 28

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