27th May - Cuba

Another chance to cross an Essen '07 purchase off the list of unplayed games. Cuba is a beautifully produced game by Eggertspeil, also avaible in English from Rio Grande. Like a lot of games the idea is to get as many victory points as possible and of course there's more than one way of doing this.

Look at all the lovely bits!

Each player has their own board where they can store resources and products and also build a variety of buildings. When you construct a building you cover over a field that is producing reources so you have to balance what you build with what you cover over. You also buy goods at market, ship items for VPs in the harbour and influence new laws governing tax and market conditions, there's a lot going on and of course you can't do everything you'd like to. Basically you're building a victory point engine, and choosing the best combination of buildings and resources etc. will gain you the most VPs.

As this was the first time we'd played (with the exception of Jo) it took us a while to get through the rules and get going, none of us really knew what the best strategy would be so we just flew by the seat of our pants, well I did. I had a go a producing rum, Jo set up a golfing resort and I can't remember what Steve and Richard did (no doubt they'll chime in later). The game ends after 6 rounds so you have to plan what you want to do carefully, it can be difficult to recover from a bad mistake.

Several people have commented on the 'geek that it's like a bit of Puerto Rico, and bit of Caylus, a bit of Pillars of the Earth and a few others as well. I can see their point but don't ALL games borrow something from others along the way. A really good game, and I look forward to working out some of the strategies.

I think I may have lost the final scores

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